Meet the Reader

About Me

I am a gifted 3rd generation fortune-teller psychic, from the holy land. I have helped many people through out the four corners of the earth. And now I am here to help you. Using my God given gift I have the ability to see negative, evil, or demonic forces influencing your life. Rather it be in love, money, family, career, addiction, or illness. I can answer the questions you've been asking all your life, "Who is my friend? Who is my enemy? Who is good for me? Who is not?" Through this spiritual journey that we will take together, will place you on the path intended to you by God.

Why I Am Here

You may ask what I'm doing here. The Arc-Angel Michael revealed himself to me in a vision, telling me there are many people here in the Philippines that need my help. I was told the soil here was being misused. There are many people that are gifted, but their gift did not come from light. But darkness has invaded the Philippines. There are many innocent people being confused and hurt. Destruction is here. But no more, it is time to cleanse this country of evil doing. We shall no longer live in sin and suffering, but be delivered through the power of God