Tools and Methods



By the lines of your hands show the journey of your life in your past, in you present, and also in your future.

Tarot Card

The Tarot cards are a tool used for confirmation only. To reaffirm my own visions in your life. The art of Tarot is very powerful and accurate when used correctly. 

Spiritual reading

A spiritual reading is to connect with spirits that may surround you, this can be loved ones that have passed away or can be a way to connect with positive spirit you need to succeed

Healing & Cleansing

Spiritual Cleansing, Spiritual Healing, Removal of Negativity. 

It is my job to rid of these imbalances in your life and teach you to maintain good energy and positive karmatic flow into your life. And to teach you how to apply this positive karmatic flow in your day to day life; family, love, business, etc. I offer these readings to find the information needed but, what do you do after? This is where healing and cleansing comes into place. Through the cleaning process is where I remove bad luck, evil spirits, and any witchcraft that might have been done to you by another person, all obstacles with be removed. This is where I aid in delivering your blessings. Once there is healing you will see with new eyes. You will be restored. And you will be able to live the life that God has set forth for you.


Karma is one of the most important things in your life. Karma can sometimes become displaced in one's life and become very disruptive. This comes from negative thoughts or actions, such as wishing bad on your enemies but is mostly determined by actions taken. Karma can determine your future and is laid out by the actions of your past.

 Have you ever heard the old saying, "What goes around comes around." But what does that mean? Wholesomeness leads to goodness and unwholesomeness leads to suffering. What you put into this world is what the world gives back to you. 

You may feel you have put much good into this life but see nothing in return; this may be when karmic blockage occurs, this may complicate a relationship and family. This can block your blessings. People think karma is determined by a good action or a bad action but this is not always true. This is not just an action but words spoken or thoughts or fears that you let take over and block your blessings from God.

This is what I learned to teach you the seven laws of karma that you can change and the ones that you cannot, I will change for you.